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We welcome you to the Hill Freeman Library and Spruill Learning Center. We want you to feel at home at your library, but we also ask that you follow certain courtesies that will make your experience, and the experience of other library users, more pleasant.

  • Food and drinks are allowed but please clean up any mess and throw away your trash.
  • Be careful with drinks around computers. If possible, have your drink in a container with a spill-proof lid.
  • Please set your cell phone to vibrate when you are in the library. If you need to take or make a call, please go outside or into an empty study room.
  • Areas where computers are located tend to be noisier but try not to disturb others in the area who may be trying to concentrate.
  • If you are using a computer for entertainment and a fellow student needs to use it for research or study, please relinquish the computer until a time when it is less busy.
  • Wear headphones to listen to music on the computers. Keep the volume down to where it will not disturb others nearby.
  • The third floor is reserved for quiet individual and very small group study. If you have a larger group that needs space for talking and discussion, please use one of our group study rooms.
  • Bring back items that you have checked out by or before the due date. Someone else may need the item plus you will avoid any fines.
  • If you need an item longer than the due date, come by, call or go online to renew the item.