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The Triplett Memorial Military History Collection (TMMC) is a collection of books, videos, periodicals and memorabilia pertaining to the military throughout history.

The original donation of more than 5,000 books and other items was given to the Hill Freeman Library and Spruill Learning Center by Don Wesley-Brown, a veteran and former paratrooper. While the biggest part of the collection is U.S. Civil War history, the Triplett Memorial Military History Collection includes books on every war in which the United States has been involved - from the American Revolution to the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to Mr. Brown, "[T]here [has] been a Triplett in the armed forces in every war from the French and Indian War to the present time." The collection is named in honor of his mother's family name.

The collection was supplemented by a donation of 1,100 books on World War II from Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Poe, Sr. These books had belonged to Mrs. Poe's brother, Frank James Farkus III, who had fought in World War II under General George Patton. About a third of the books are written in German and view the war from the German prospective.

Additional volumes were donated to the collection by Richard R. Jaeger, III, in memory of his son Richard Robert Jaeger, IV, a graduate of The Citadel.