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Guides & Shortcuts

The library has several guides for research based on subject.  These guides include:

  • where books in the library are located for a specific subject,
  • which databases are most helpful, and
  • selected e-book titles that are relevant to various subjects.

Visit the library to receive a guide handout, or use Reinhardt Library's LibGuides online.

Online Help for Databases and Other Library Resources

There are numerous online websites maintained by databases such as ProQuest and JSTOR, offering training and more for anyone who is interested in learning to use these resources.

All links open in new windows.

Ancestry Library Edition LibGuide (maintained by ProQuest)

EBSCOhost's Business Source Basic Searching Tutorial (maintained by EBSCOhost)

EBSCOhost's Business Source Advanced Searching Tutorial (maintained by EBSCOhost)

GALILEO's Searching & Citing Help page with FAQs (maintained by GALILEO)

JSTOR's Searching: A Practical View (maintained by JSTOR)

JSTOR's Searching: Using Advanced Search (maintained by JSTOR)

JSTOR Research Basics training course (requires registration)

Getting Started with Nexus Uni Tutorial (mainted by Nexus Uni)

Nexus Uni Searching Tutorial (maintained by Nexis Uni)

ProQuest Central LibGuide (maintained by ProQuest)

ProQuest Ebook Central LibGuide (maintained by ProQuest)

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses LibGuide (maintained by ProQuest) - excellent resource for graduate students

The Reference Section

The reference section is located on the 2nd floor of the library. It contains many books such as dictionaries and encyclopedias, plus literary criticism and guidebooks on a wide range of subjects.