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Here are some pointers to help you be successful in your academic career and later in life.

  • Don't assume Google has the answers.  Much of the resources and research that is used in a university setting cannot be found through Google as the published journals containing such content are not freely accessible.
  • Do use the library's databases to get to this information.  We have paid subscriptions to more than 200 databases containing primary sources and authoritative articles by the professionals who are conducting and publishing their research.
  • Don't count on Wikipedia to provide accurate information.  While the site is based on a wonderful concept and open to everyone to add content, it is also a well-used arena for people to state their opinions as fact.
  • Do trust the library's resources.  We provide authoritative sources, which are unbiased and backed up with factual research.
  • Do ask for help!  The librarians are professionals which research experience and are willing to help you with your questions.
  • Don't feel afraid or embarrassed.  Library staff are here for you. We understand the frustrations of research and will help you.